Bourbon apple cider float

These bourbon apple cider floats are the perfect way to combine apple cider with a healthy dose of bourbon whisky and a scoop of icecream (all the best things) to create the perfect dessert / fall cocktail with a burst of fall flavors

This festive cocktail is the perfect way to use some of that fresh apple cider. This bourbon apple cider float quickly became one of the best apple cider cocktail recipes I've ever tasted. I used my homemade bourbon cinnamon ice cream, because it has rich caramel flavors - but you can use any scoop able hard ice cream (preferably rich vanilla, cinnamon or dulce de leche ice cream,) that you have on hand.

vintage classes in carrying container with apple cider floats with a cinnamon stick on top

And if you don't have a cider mill close by, you can even make your own fresh homemade apple cider in a slow cooker using this recipe. Ice cream floats + hard apple cider are perfect for your halloween party, Autumn dinner party, or thanksgiving. The combination of apple cider plus a scoop of ice cream is also super tasty on it's own if you'd like to skip the booze and make a kid-friendly version! This will surely become one of your new favorite drink recipes.

Ingredients for bourbon apple cider float

  • Ice cream
  • Apple cider
  • Bourbon whisky

How to make a bourbon apple cider float:

  • Scoop a scoop of ice cream into a highball glass
  • Add in apple cider, leaving room for your bourbon
  • Top with one oz of bourbon and let cocktail sit for a minute to let the ice cream melt

Fun variations:

  • Top with whipped cream and decadent caramel sauce for a truly over the top desert cocktail
  • Instead of regular non fermented apple cider like the recipe calls for, use spiked cider to make this drink extra strong
  • Serve with dried apple slices or a slice of a caramel apple and cinnamon sticks
  • Looking for a hot apple cider recipe? Download my free holiday cocktail recipe book for the perfect recipe!

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