Fig prosciutto crostini

overhead shot of rustic wooden cutting board with crostini with fig jam and prosciutto with a glass filled with white wine and white crumbly cheese in a dish on the left hand corner

Fig prosciutto crostini

Crostini is the perfect appetizer for any occasion. This fig prosciutto crostini is the easiest appetizer, but has beautiful elegant flavor that's sure to impress.

A few slices of crispy baked bread paired with prosciutto will forever be my favorite way to start off any event I'm hosting. But what really makes this dish? Figs! They're just as tasty as they are beautiful. And they really pair well with any drink you choose. Red wine, or spiced pear dark and stormy are my favorite picks.

What is crostini?

Crostini are a unique Italian appetizer made from bread that is grilled, baked or toasted and then covered in toppings. The assortment of cheeses, meats & vegetables can be as simple or creative as you desire.

Why this is the best appetizer

-Crostini is perfect for using up baguette that's a day old. Instead of wasting it or making your usual croutons, utilize it for a gourmet appetizer.

-It's so easy. All you need to do is bake your baguette and add your toppings!

-You can easily adapt and embellish to meet your guest's needs.

-The combination of flavors is well balanced with the crispy bread, sweet jam, salty prosciutto and optional cheese.

Ingredients in Fig prosciutto crostini:

What cheese pairs well with fig + prosciutto

Strong and aged cheeses are a perfect pair with sweet fig jam and salty prosciutto.

Personal favorites include:

blue cheese

goat cheese



The recipe:

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