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at frolic & fare we believe in the art of creating an immersive botanical experience that unites wild food with practicality. using edible flowers, local ingredients, and whenever possible - freshly foraged plants, we aspire to connect people through great tasting recipes while supporting sustainable gardening efforts

Hi I'm Sarah! I’m a photographer, gardener and the creator of Frolic and Fare. I combine the joys of baking and gardening to weave floral magic into enchanting COTTAGECORE recipes. I hope to inspire you to try something new & beautiful today. Learn more about me

fresh from the oven

Our latest in fresh, botanical recipes from our timeless bakery that you can replicate in the comforts of your home! We develop gourmet flower and herbal enhanced recipes, while providing step by step instructions to give you the confidence to bake up something beautiful today.

in season now: Autumn

What a delight it is to be back in the autumn! It's a season of rich and inviting colors and flavors, which reminds us that life has its own cycles, with joyousness and beauty coming. Go for something cozy with one of our botanical recipes to warm you and your senses.

gather around the garden with a botanical drink

There are many wonderful ingredients to choose from when making drinks or cocktails. But if you want something special, go with these botanical-inspired drinks that can be customized easily by using a little creativity and knowledge of what’s fresh. Let our recipes, your local farmers market, or even your own backyard be your inspiration.

edible flower recipes

Learn how to utilize the beautiful flavors and health benefits of edible flowers in our simple, practical and unforgettable edible flower recipes.

frozen iced treats

Keep cool and hydrated with our healthy, refreshing ice cream flavors and popsicles! Often enhanced with spirits, florals and herbs for unique flavors you'd find in a gourmet restaurant or artisan ice cream shop.


Learn how to make the most of your gardening efforts with our how to edible flower guides