The best strawberry gazpacho

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The best strawberry gazpacho

What's more satisfying than a delicious, cooling soup to beat the heat? This strawberry gazpacho is so easy and quick. You'll have it ready in no time at all! Not only does this taste amazing as-is but even better after sitting overnight flavors soak into each ingredient just right - making for an incredible make ahead dinner on those busy weeknights when you need something fast yet still memorable

What is gazpacho?

Gazpacho is a cold soup, traditionally made from a mixture of puréed tomatoes and other ingredients such as cucumber, sweet bell peppers, onions, garlic, and olive oil. Gazpacho originated from the Andalusia region of southern Spain. There's no one right way to make gazpacho and there are as many variations. You will often find fruit-based gazpacho with melons, or other refreshing recipes like cucumber-based gazpacho.

Ingredients in this gazpacho:

How to make the best gazpacho:

1. For strawberry-based gazpacho use fresh sweet and ripe strawberries.

2. Roast your red pepper.

3. Cucumbers are an essential ingredient in many gazpacho recipes. The type of cucumber you use will determine how your dish tastes, so use an English cucumber. Unlike regular cukes which have thick peelings and seeds that need removing before eating (unless they're advantageous), thin- Skinned varieties like those found on modern " english" vegetables don't require peeling or deseeding because they aren't as bitter.

4. You can purée the ingredients or leave them diced, depending on your preference!
The best part about gazpacho? There's no wrong way to do it. For semi - smooth gazpacho, chop all the ingredients, then purée half of the mixture and return the finely diced ingredients back in to the soup. I personally prefer to blend my gazpacho until it's perfectly smooth.

5. Gazpacho is even better when you let the flavors develop by letting it sit and rest for at least one hour, and ideally overnight. Taste and adjust seasonings after chilling and before serving.

6. Garnish gazpacho right before serving with edible flowers, fresh herbs, olive oil, diced fruits and vegetables, or whatever else you desire!

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