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photo of Sarah Buckley and daughter Payton abroad

Hi! I’m Sarah, the woman behind the apron, camera, and computer at frolic and fare. I add herbs & edible flowers to everything imaginable, and weave my magic into our meals with intention and purpose. We live mindfully and use whole ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible to develop gourmet, garden inspired recipes. We celebrate traditions in a modern world, making our food approachable.

I love vintage oil paintings, the smell of lilacs, freshly made buttercream, a hand written note, and casual bouquets that look like they were just picked from a meadow. I hope to bring the joy of slowing down and inspiration to admire life's simplest gifts, like a homemade meal or something freshly baked from the oven.  Here at frolic and fare we celebrate the beauty of garden to table traditions and recipes.

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