A botanical blog by artist Sarah Buckley

Specializing in gourmet recipes from the garden, woven with wild foods and edible flowers.

Flowers are more than just stunning eye candy; they’re bursting with stories and hidden meanings. We’ll unlock the fascinating world of flower symbolism, revealing the deep cultural significance behind each petal. Frolic and fare is your source to sprout your knowledge with the help of our beautiful blooming recipes and guides.

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About Frolic & Fare

Frolic & Fare is a garden & food blog created by artist Sarah Buckley. Here, Sarah blends her passions for:

  • Food Photography: Food becomes art. Be captivated, then consume. Work with Sarah.
  • Gardening & Foraging:  Join me on a wild harvest, unearthing nature’s hidden gems. Let your basket overflow with sunshine-kissed berries, foraged flowers, and fragrant herbs. This is a culinary adventure waiting to be savored.
  • Preserving Ephemeral Beauty: Let us capture the fleeting magic of wild foods, transforming them into syrups, sauces, and vinegar that infuse your culinary creations with unexpected delights.
  • Edible Alchemy: Forget ordinary meals. At Frolic & Fare, every recipe is an opportunity to weave floral narratives, transforming simple ingredients into food fit for the gods. From the peppery zing of nasturtiums to the delicate sweetness of violas.
Woman's hand showing pink flowing sleeves and bright red finger nails holding a vintage knife cutting into flower compound butter, next to a loaf of bread and a small dish of honey with honey comb stick

Learn about edible blooms

I love to share my very best tips to help you flourish!

Think of Frolic & Fare as a vibrant tapestry woven with vibrant photography, down-to-earth gardening tips, and innovative recipes that celebrate the magic of seasonal ingredients. It’s a place where nature’s bounty meets culinary creativity, and where every bite is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. I’m forever chasing the light, collecting experiences like wildflowers, and turning them into something beautiful, delicious, and inspiring.

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About Sarah

Forever chasing the light & collecting experiences like wildflowers. Sarah’s art isn’t just visual. It’s a feast for all senses, a celebration of nature’s bounty. She crafts edible flower foods and shares the magic of wild herbs. Each bite a poem to the earth.

Edible Flowers

Picture vibrant petals adorning cakes, infusing cocktails with delicate whispers, and transforming salads into edible art. Welcome to Frolic & Fare where the line between garden and food deliciously blurs.

Garden To Table Drinks

Every sip is an exploration of nature’s bounty, a celebration of the journey from garden to table.

Old Fashioned Candy making

Let’s conjure confections that dance with history and magic.

Botanical Shortbreads

Let’s conjure confections that dance with history and magic.