A bit about Sarah Buckley

Hi friend! I’m Sarah. I’m a mother, gardener, herbalist, and edible flower enthusiast. Earthly things I cherish: Rose gardens. Going to the mountains. The smell of freshly cut grass. Taking a bubble bath. Going on a hike with my husband. Foraged finds. Vintage kitchenware. A bouquet of lilacs. Writing letters to my grandma, my real-life pen pal while I live abroad. A strong latte. Old ornate frames. Oil paintings. Sunlight pouring into a window. Giggling with friends over prosecco.

I started Frolic & Fare to inspire others to follow their dreams and craft with their hands.


Before the pandemic, I worked in sleep medicine. An exciting career indeed. However, when the world shut down, I found myself playing in the garden with my two young children, the most blissful time of my life. We lived in beautiful Tunisia at the time. We would gather little blossoms and herbs and put them in pots of water, making “fairy soup” with no where to go, nothing to do. I found so much peace just being present with my children in the garden, it was our little universe and I thrived on it. There was an album we listened to on repeat. These are the days that left a permanent imprint in my mind.

As the world returned to its fast-paced speed, I knew I wanted to spend more time in the garden with my children, as much as I possibly could. That’s how Frolic and Fare was born. I taught myself how to bake, take photos, garden, blog, and build community. It didn’t happen overnight. And it really wasn’t as fast and graceful as one would hope. I killed 30 plants in one day once (no, really…a story for another day), and I often need to test recipes three or four times before they have a permanent home on the blog. I desperately need an editor, and my most common comments are people letting me know I’ve made a typo on my post (oops..). But, I knew I needed to develop skills that could keep me in that beautiful head space. On the wavelength of our Mediterranean garden. Spending time with our sweet little kids and our garden turtle underneath the lemon tree. So, I got to work, and I learned how to trust myself and to lean into my inner artist. One flowery and floury mess at a time.

What I do

At home, I add herbs & edible flowers to everything imaginable and weave my magic into our meals with intention and purpose. We live mindfully and use whole ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible to develop gourmet, garden-inspired recipes. We celebrate traditions in the modern world, making our food approachable and fun. These skills allow us to celebrate the beauty of growing something fresh and bringing it to the table, the heart of the home. I believe this is the standard we should all have for our food and homes.

My wishes

I wish everyone could have the privilege to do what makes their heart sing. I truly didn’t know in our fast-paced modern world, it was possible anymore. I really want that creative expression available for everyone. A naive, kindred soul, I know. One can dream and wish for it can’t they? I’m an optimist. If I can do it, why can’t I inspire you? I’m just a regular mom from the East Coast, watching her artist dreams come true.

My wish specifically for you: is access to organic produce, beautiful blooms, wild food, peace, and ease with each meal. It’s not something inherently taught or even normal anymore. It’s an insane privilege, and it makes me want to reach the masses, so I can bring these standards of living to as many people as I can in this lifetime. I hope to inspire you to bring the magic into your home. Let’s be the ones to capture this magic and pass it along. We all have it in us; it’s deeply rooted in our nature. Just explore it and trust the process. If I’ve inspired you in any way, I’ve succeeded.

Frequently asked questions

What does Frolic and Fare mean

To frolic (VERB) play or move about in a cheerful, playful and lively way.

Fare (NOUN) a range of food of a particular type.

Frolic and fare means playful food. I believe the act of producing meals for our loved ones should be fanciful, fun, playful, full of creative spirit. Like a frolic in a flower field.

What inspired your blog?

The birth of my second child, my son Patrick. I wanted to grow something for myself 🙂 other than my children. An act of selfishness. A baby to nurture and develop that was truly my own.

How did you learn how to blog?

Just like anything, you start with no knowledge, and make every mistake in the book until you find your voice. I started as a DIY blog. Sharing recipes of all sorts. I decided to niche into food, specifically edible flowers because it was what I was most passionate about. I could talk about food and flowers all day.

How did you learn photography?

I practiced each and every day until I felt I had developed my own style. I learned to shoot manual, understanding the exposure triangle to become a better technical photographer to maximize photo shoots. I learned to understand and appreciate light, composition and color theory.

Is blogging your career?

Amazingly, yes. It is possible to share what you love the most with the world and live comfortably. We all set our own standards of what that means to us. I love what I do. I feel like a child each day, excited to play, create, and bring new ideas to light.

Where do you live?

Our family moves fairly regularly for my husband’s career (every 3 years). We are currently living in Muscat, Oman. A wonderful, beautiful gem of a place. We are American, and call Washington DC “home”.

What are your favorite recipes: