The best tools for serving and presenting charcuterie

The way you present your charcuterie is just as important, if not more so than what’s in it. Here are some handy tools for serving and presenting charcuterie at your next dinner party that’ll be appreciated by those around the table!

Charcuterie platters are always an added bonus of attending a dinner party, and I highly recommend them. They’re welcomed at more than just special occasions and are a great way to get a little bit creative. But a great charcuterie takes more than a beautifully styled board. You need the right tools so that everyone can enjoy the combination of cheeses and small dishes. The good new is, I serve charcuterie A LOT and charcuterie accessories are a great choice and investment if you love to host.

graphic image of all of the best tools for serving charcuterie

The best boards

Marble slab

Marble boards offer a chic charcuterie look compared to rustic, wooden platters.  Sleek marble is other cured treats that will be sure to impress your guests with its sleek and modern design! Since it’s completely smooth surface makes clean up after pâtés or spreads easy peasy lemon squeezy; you can rest assured knowing these gorgeous marbels are here for when all eyes need an appetizing backdrop.


amazon image of marble charcuterie slab, circle, with leather twine and wood

Long wooden board | cutting paddle

When it comes to serving charcuterie, a wooden board is pretty essential. Thin slices will stick better if they’re placed on an unfinished surface, and their rustic texture adds character and interest for your guests while they graze. I adore these simple yet robust pieces of craftsmanship. Go for a long wooden paddle board when you want something large enough to serve a lot of people at once and plan to use more thinly sliced meats than pattes.


overhead amazon image of long cutting paddle for charcuterie

The best tools for cutting

Steel wire cheese slicer

This innovative product makes easy work of slicing any type or thickness cheese. With an ergonomic handle, this sharpener can be used comfortably and efficiently for a perfect slice every time!


amazon image of steel wire cheese slicer

6 PC stainless steel cheese slicer + server

This set is perfectly combined with high-quality acacia wood handle and stainless steel blade, including blade knives, Parmesan knives, thin knives, flat knives, forks and Cheese spreader and an exquisite gift box. I not only love this set, I love this set for gifting! So much so I also included it in my gift guide for a hostess. This set is perfect for any type of cheeses you are serving on your charcuterie

Chisel knife – cuts or divides soft cheese

Serving knife – used to crumble hard cheese

Thin knife – sharp on both sides for slicing semi hard cheese

Small spade – used to cut hard cheese into slices and then spear it

Spreader knife – designed to spread soft cheese

Pronged knife – for soft sticky cheese, or producing thin slices


amazon image of 6 pc stainless steel cheese slicer

Spanish style meat & ham carver

This blade is the best for slicing paper thin and delicate meats. It has an elegant design with intricate craftsmanship that can make any dedicated charcuterie aficionado drool in joy, but it’s not just for connoisseurs – this knife will work on any cured meats as well! he blade is hand-polished by skilled blacksmiths using the traditional three-step Honbazuke method. With each side of the blade measuring only 18 degrees, this extremely sharp blade provides you with unparalleled cutting pleasure. Your work in the kitchen will be easy and efficient.


carving knife for charcuterie meats

The best tools for serving

Toothpick flag for labeling

These adorable toothpick flags are ideal for labeling and sticking into your cheese so your guests know what’s being served!


flags for labeling on toothpick for charcuterie image from amazon

Charcuterie cones + stand

The latest trend in charcuterie is the perfect complement to your cheese plate, a bouquet of meat and cheeses – aka a charcuterie cone. You can make a gorgeous array or leave them out empty so guests can help and create one themselves! How fun are these?!


amazon image of box holding paper cones amazon image

Small prep bowls

These small glass prep bowls are not only super useful for everyday use, they are perfect for your wet items – like dips, spreads, olives, fermented foods and more. They help preserve your wooden board, and keep your charcuterie items from touching. 


amazon image of small prep bowls

Small ceramic mustard or jam spoons

Use these gorgeous spoons to scoop salt, mustard,  jam, or butters. It’s good for any narrow jar or pot that needs a little spoon!


Honey dipper stick

Great for drizzling Honey, maple syrup, molasses, melted chocolate, caramel, and more!


image from amazon wood handle honey dipper

For inspiration

Share + savor book

If you need beautiful inspiration for a charcuterie recipes look no further than Share and Savor. Kylie Chambers is the writer / cook / photographer behind the food blog, Cooking with Cocktail Rings and author of Share + Savor, Create Impressive + Indulgent Appetizer Boards for Any Occasion the charcuterie and appetizer cookbook!


amazon cover of share and savor book

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