20 Cozy Autumn Essential Oil Blends

As the leaves begin to turn and the air starts to chill, my thoughts turn to the warmth and comfort of home. And what better way to enhance the cozy atmosphere of autumn than with the scents of the season? I want to share with you 20 essential oil blends that capture the essence of fall - the rich, earthy aroma of cinnamon, the spicy sweetness of nutmeg, and the warm, inviting scent of clove. These natural fragrances will infuse your home with the spirit of the season, providing a romantic backdrop for all your autumn activities. So come, let's explore the beauty of the fall together and immerse ourselves in the magic of these delightful essential oils.


Best place to buy essential oils

Lots of debate on this. For years I used young living and doterra only. I do believe these to be the most superior products on the market. However, I had difficulties having them shipped to my home overseas, and started ordering plant therapy from Amazon, as it arrives with no issues, and am very happy with the convenience. I recommend sticking to plant therapy, I have purchased other less-known brands and have been highly disappointed. Once, I got some that were so obviously adulterated with fragrance oils. Buy from reputable sellers only. These seem to be the best value between price and quality.

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20 best DIY essential oil blends for fall

Part of my making our home feel cozy and inviting. Diffusing beautiful scents is a beautiful way to enhance the ambiance of the space. I talk about this more in my detailed post about Homemaking Skills, Values, and Routines.

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Cozy fall blends:

1) Apple Pie Blend – A cozy, inviting, baking-inspired blend

2) Crisp Air Diffuser Blend - Soothing, nature inspired blend

3) Spiced Cider

Make stove-top spiced cider at home for the best aromatherapy!

4) Fallen Leaves

5) Pumpkin Patch

6) Cozy up

7) Wellness Blend

8) Chai Latte:

9) Fire Place:

10) Forest:

11) Snickerdoodle

12) Nature Walk

13) Hay Ride

14) Happy Harvest:

15) Flannel Shirt

16) Marshmallow





Try this blend while you make some homemade herbal, chamomile, or pumpkin marshmallows.

Halloween & Thanksgiving:

17) Halloween

18) Candy corn

19) Witch's Brew

20) Thankful

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