DIY Nature Flower Sprinkles

The all natural DIY nature flower sprinkles are a great way to add a healthy dose of floral flavor and color to your favorite recipes. The dried petals are sugar free ad made from just organic lavender, rose, and bee pollen. These sprinkles will give you all the aesthetic of sprinkles, and benefits of the flowers without any of the inflammatory ingredients that you would normally find in everyday sprinkles.

I love little magical gifts like this because they take minutes to whip up, are all natural and look like they’re straight from a magical fairy. These would make adorable party favors for a fairy party! And these sprinkles will actually add a luttle dose of health benefits. Bee pollen is loaded with antioxidants.

Why you’ll love this recipe:

  • This recipe is so easy it really doesn’t need a recipe
  • These sprinkles can be used on top of cakes, cupcakes, cookies or even ice cream! Use them in place of sugar or salt for an elegant savory sprinkle or as a topping for fresh fruit or baked goods.
  • All natural 100 % from nature.

About the recipe:

Recently I was making my Blooming Milk Chocolate Lavender Truffles I wanted to top them with something pretty and colorful. While I could’ve gone simple with a few lavender petals, I wanted these truffles to pop. So I made these all natural nature flower sprinkles from dried petals.


-Bee pollen

-Dried Lavender

-Dried Rose

Simply mix dried petals and bee pollen together. And sprinkle!

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