Easy and Creative DIY Edible Herbal and Floral Gifts

Herbal and floral gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for someone special in your life. They are unique, thoughtful, and can be made with ingredients that you may already have on hand. Here are easy herbal and floral gifts that anyone can make. My favorite thing about making creative edible herbal and floral gifts is that they look so beautiful effortlessly, and kids can easily get involved.

  • Dried Herb Wreath or Bouquet
    A dried herb wreath is a beautiful and fragrant gift that can be enjoyed for months to come. Simply choose a variety of long herbs that you would like to dry, such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, or oregano. Tie the stems together, and hang the wreath in a sunny spot to dry for 1-2 weeks. These really enhance the look of your gifts and make gorgeous table settings.

  • Herbal Vinegar
    Herbal vinegars make a great dressing for salads or marinades, and they are very easy to make. Start by sterilizing a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Fill the jar with fresh herbs of your choice, then pour white vinegar over the herbs until the jar is full. Place the lid on the jar tightly, and store in a cool, dark place for 2-4 weeks. The vinegar will take on the flavor of the herbs during this time. After 2-4 weeks, strain the vinegar into another sterilized jar and add a label with the name of the vinegar and the date it was made.

  • Floral & Herbal Sugar
    Edible and floral sugars are very easy to make and they add the beautiful fresh flavors of whichever botanical you're capturing. They add a beautiful depth of flavor for cup of tea to cupcakes! Make fresh sugars and gift them in fancy jars or make our lovely Edible Flower Sugar Cubes.

  • Floral & Herb-Infused Honey
    Honey infused with herbs is delicious on toast or in tea, and it makes a lovely gift! DIY floral and herbal infused honey a gorgeous edible and waste-free gift and perfect for your honey-loving friends. Honey is a liquid treasure trove of flavors and colors. This gift will take a few weeks to infuse, so start this one ahead of time.

  • Floral + Herbal Tea Bags
    These relaxing tea bag makes a relaxing gift for anyone who could use some stress relief. Use our edible flower meaning chart to craft tea blends with intention.

  • Edible flower cookies: Gift the prettiest cookies in the world with your box of traditional Christmas cookies! Get some adorable tea bag shaped cookie cutters and give them with some floral honey and tea bags.

  • Flower Petal Confetti -Replacing plastic confetti with this gorgeous homemade petal version is a win for all! Perfect for your environmental friendly celebrations, super simple to create, and downright gorgeous. This is such a beautiful bridal shower or wedding gift. This edible floral confetti can be tailored to fit any occasion beautifully. From whimsical birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, newly weds and really anytime, if you ask me. And the best part? It can be used anywhere! Use it as tea, to garnish beautiful salads, your yogurt or cakes.
  • Homemade Rose Water - Making your own rose water at home is so simple, with no special tools required. And just two ingredients - roses and water!

Rose petal jam:

Learn how to make wild rose petal jam from dried or foraged petals. The delicate petals of the wild rose mixed with sweet strawberries are used to make this divine rose petal jam recipe, which has a sweet floral flavor that can be enjoyed with every bite.

Homemade Herbal Honey Spoons: Honey tea spoons are incredibly easy, only require two ingredients and are so versatile. They can be used as honey stirrers for tea, as a party favor for the trendy "honey" party theme, and they're perfect as a cough drop or sore throat remedy, and they make a perfect all natural lollipop!

DIY Floral + Herbal Pepper Grinder: For floral seasoning that is gourmet, simple and beautiful. This homemade diy flower pepper grinder recipe is such a simple way to elevate all of your seasoned dishes.

Blooming Lavender Truffles:

Floral or Herbal Simple Syrup: Botanical simple syrup is a sweet, slightly herbal and gorgeously floral flavoring that is perfect for lattes, iced coffee, cocktails, lemonade, and more!

DIY Natural Flower Sprinkles: The all natural DIY nature flower sprinkles are a great way to add a healthy dose of floral flavor and color to your favorite recipes. The dried petals are sugar free ad made from just organic lavender, rose, and bee pollen. These sprinkles will give you all the aesthetic of sprinkles, and benefits of the flowers without any of the inflammatory ingredients that you would normally find in everyday sprinkles.

Herbal Shortbread: These Simple lemon thyme Shortbread Cookies are like no other cookie you have ever tasted before. Melt in your mouth lemon thyme shortbread cookies are sweet, zesty, buttery, and deliciously herbaceous.

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