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  1. Help! I'm making a mullein flower and raw honey cough syrup by using the cold method.

    Can I continue leaving it longer than 6 weeks for a stronger infusion and health benefit? Or am I taking a risk? It's been 6 weeks now.

    Thanks for yours help!


    1. Doti, this is a great question! Mullein and raw honey is SUCH a great idea! I turned to my medicinal herbal books looking for an exact answer, but couldn't find one. So I will use my judgement here. Honey does not expire, if you're infusing dried mullein flowers and it has remained well covered by the honey, I see no reason why it can not continue to infuse indefinitely. I say dried because the dried plants will also be preserved and not contain water, which will make them more susceptible to growing mold. If you had infused fresh mullein, I'd stop infusing now and strain it to be on the safer side.

  2. I would love to try this! It says clean plant material as directed - I'm wondering where the directions for that are.
    Thanks in advance.

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