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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Everything about your site is just lovely!
    I am a seasoned baker and recently fell in love with vintage shortbread pans and molds. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to add edible luster dust to the baked images, but my trials haven't produced the 'wow' factor I hoped for. I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for incorporating edible flowers into shortbreads-- specifically molded shortbread?
    Have you used luster dust on preserved flowers with any success?

    Many thanks for your time and consideration.


    1. Hi Michelle,
      Those vintage shortbread pans sound stunning!
      I don't have any experience with luster dust, but as far as adding florals to shortbread, I recommend adding them immediately after the shortbread is baked, before it cools and fully hardens. Don't add them before baking if they're for garnish only and not flavor. If you're using them for flavor, incorporated the dried florals into your creamed butter and sugar. I hope that helps, happy baking! xo

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