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    1. Hey Robin, thanks for this helpful question! I have 0 experience baking at high altitude, but I read this guide: to see if I could offer any helpful tips! I hope this helps and the muffins turn out okay for you!

      "You may want to increase the temperature of your oven by 25% and decrease the baking time by 5 to 6 minutes per 30 minutes of “sea level” bake time. The shorter time spent in a hotter oven prevents the baked good from losing moisture and rising too quickly (and the gases have less time to lay waste to the baked good’s structure)"

      The other recommendations recommend actually changing the ingredients, which I am hesitant to recommend, because they were tested very specifically to hold their structure and be moist despite the large amount of "grainy" steel cut oats as a base ingredient.

      I hope they turn out just right for you! xo, Sarah

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