Dehydrated Oven Dried Orange Slices

Let the oven do all of the work for these super simple and beautiful dehydrated oven dried orange slices. This time of year you will find good uses for dried oranges for a cocktail garnish, adding a natural touch to your gift wrapping, decor and garlands, in trail mix or salad, tea, granola and more. They are so versatile and add beauty to all it adorns. 

overhead shot of cocktail with dried orange slice

When I lived in America, I had no idea that winter was “citrus season”.

In fact, I didn’t really know when most items were in season. Most produce was readily available year round in the supermarket. Now, I have access to markets that carry truly seasonal, locally grown produce, and am lucky enough to have our own citrus trees in our garden.

During the winter we are absolutely swimming in lemons, clementines, and pomegranate. We also indulge in various squashes, artichoke and fennel. It truly is a wonderful, abundant time of year.

Most homes in Tunisia have at least one fruit tree in their yard yielding more fruit than they know what to do with. Drying and dehydrating oranges are a simple way to preserve them and they have many practical and festive uses.


How to make dehydrated / oven dried orange slices

  • The only work you need to do to make these come together is thinly slice your orange or clementine. Clementines seem hold more moisture and usually need to dehydrate a bit longer in my experience. 
  • Preheat your oven to 200 degrees F or 93 degrees C.
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone bake matt. These work best for us.
  • Thinly slice your orange or clementine. Depending on the size of your fruit, you should end up with 12 – 16 slices. 
  • Pat slices dry and place on a baking sheet. Do not overcrowd, use two if needed.
  • Bake for two hours. At this point, they should be completely dry and dehydrated. However, every oven heats differently. If they still appear to hold moisture, keep them in the oven for another 30 minutes. Check regularly and continue baking until they are completely moisture free. Be sure to check consistently after two hours to prevent burning.
  • Let them cool and then enjoy your eating or crafting!

overhead shot of oven dried orange slices surrounded by seasonal produce

How long to dehydrated orange slices last?

These seem to remain good for many weeks.

What projects will you use dehydrated oranges for? Here are some ideas with the recipes I’ve shared. However over the image to pin for later!

How do I know that my orange slices are done?

Whenever I dehydrate something I like to check on it pretty regularly. Check on them every fifteen minutes after two hours. They will be completely dried, but not burnt on the edges when they are done.

How to use dehydrated orange slices? What do do with dehydrated orange slices?

Dehydrated orange slices make a beautiful garnish in Autumn and Winter months for just about everything. Because they are dried they are preserved and perfect for crafts, like homemade ornaments and garlands. I love to add them to a cocktail.



Fiery spiced elderberry tea

My go to for an internally warming immunity supporting tea. I’m drinking a cup right now. 


Homemade orange, cinnamon and cardamom granola bars

For a sweet, satisfying and spiced granola bar filled with vitamin C from your dried citrus!


Autumn charcuterie boards


Here are some ideas I’ve gathered from Pinterest that I can not wait to use my dehydrated oven dried orange slices for:

Stunning gift wrapping by Sylvia’s simple life

Gift wrapping ideas #gifts #presents #giftwrapping #christmasgiftwrap #giftwrap #wrapping

Beautiful dried orange wreath by

Dried orange garland by


This died orange garland with wooden beads is a brilliant DIY for Christmas decorations. Add to the tree, or to your mantle or with some garland as a table runner. Love it!

Let me know what you plan to create, and be sure to pin this recipe for later !

More orange recipes to love:

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