The best cake stands for your elegant dessert table

The best amazon cake stands for an elegant dessert table are those that will make your event unique. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, or just want something for your home - these affordable cake stands are the best options for all of the special occasions that call for cake!

You can find many different types of cake stands on Amazon, depending on what type of special event you're hosting. From classy to shabby chic, there's something for your elegant gathering! As a food photographer and avid entertainer and baker, I've purchased my fair share off of amazon and have received plenty good ones (as well as less than quality cake stands) along the way. Here are the best cake stand reviews and top picks that take some of the hard work of creating a gorgeous dessert table.

A cake stand can be used for many things, from displaying your beautiful cakes to serving other dishes like pies or charcuterie. There are a few options when it comes to choosing one: you could purchase something simple that has been designed with details of the cake in mind, and is perfect for showcasing plainer designs; alternatively, some stands have over-the-top styles which would work well if you're going all out on your design. You may even want to use them around the house as regular decor too! A good cake stand will add even more enchantment to your beautiful celebration. We've selected styles with different heights and different sizes to give you the right tools for your celebration.

the best cake stands for your elegant dessert table (that also happen to be the prettiest too!)

white cake stannd with white beads

Off White Rustic Mango Wooden Cake Stand

This mango wooden stand is the latest essential item when it comes to cake stands for 2021! This off white wooden cake stand is perfect for a rustic themed wedding, housewarming, baby shower, birthday cake & holiday cake, dinner or dessert party or serving up anything for your special occasion in an elegant way. It looks like an antique cake stand for your rustic events and is an excellent choice to add to your servware.


White Porcelain Decorative Cake Stand-Cupcake Stand

This fine ceramic stand with a gorgeous quality dome has a 12 inch diameter. This timeless stand can be used in many different ways. Use it it for serving holiday cakes, as cupcake stand, wedding cake stand or to serve fruit at parties! It's also perfect for a large cake thanks to it's large size and solid base.


Gold Marble Pedestal Cake Serving Stand

Serve your dessert in style with this marble and gold cake stand pedestal. With white marble and raw edges with dazzling gold foil, this cake stand measures 6" tall and 11" in diameter. The pedestal even knocks down for storage, but it's so pretty - why would you ever store it away?! With it's modern look, this unique cake stand b is the best choice for baby and bridal showers.


Round Metal Cake Stand with Crystals

Anything but a basic cake stand! This elegant piece features an authentic design that will brighten up your dining room table! The base has been weighted to ensure its stability on the surface as well as having felt at the bottom for added comfortability during use. It is 8.25 inches tall and is 10 inches in diameter and painted in a food safe water-based champagne color. Use to serve your favorite cake with champagne, on New Years eve, this cake stand is even a great option to serve glasses of champagne on.


Viva Baroque Glass Pink Cake Stand

Baroque's luxurious gold rim inevitably adds sparkle and shine to your table set up. This collection's intention is to add a twist to your late night dinners and wine night out with your friends or family. With Viva, it’s easy to create a beautiful table in a pinch. This high quality cake stand will give you years of use.


Mango Wood and Marble Cake Stand

This Mango Wood Marble Cake Stand is an ideal cake stand for banquets and simple dining setups. This durable mango wood design features a natural brown finish with white marbling, with 10x10x5 dimensions. The sturdy construction makes it easy to carry around at the same time as providing stability when in use while its low profile ensures that you never have too much on display! It's simple, classic design is perfect for casual and formal events alike.


Jadeite Mint Glass Cake Stand

This 6" diameter stand is the perfect size for holding a small snack. It has a rim around its edge to catch any crumbs that may fall, and it's proudly made in America! This is the perfect cake stand for simple special events. When you're cake decorator has done an amazing job making an elaborate cake, all you need is this simple cake stand!


Decorative Farmhouse Glass Cake Cloche with Galvanized Metal Steel Base

This glass dome with a cake stand is rustic and perfect for serving fruit, baked goods, cookies, desserts or anything you want. The vintage touch makes any food look classic! This is the most unique design. You can serve up pastries on this crystal clear domed lid on stainless steel that has an easy access knob handle to lift the lid off of it. This design will give your dish some vintage appeal as well which allows people to see what's inside without having them open the top.


Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand Holder

If you love baking and serving cupcakes, then this unique 8-cup iron rotating Ferris wheel cake stand is your best choice. This dessert stand is super easy to assemble/disassemble for quick setup and cleanup; it also has the ability to be stored in compact spaces so that there won't be any unnecessary clutter on your space! Although if you're anything like me - this cupcake stand is always on display! This is my favorite option for a child's birthday party or for baby showers.


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