Botanical Simple Syrups

Our Botanical Herbal + Floral Simple Syrups are the perfect way to add elegance to your garden party! Set up a botanical mimosa bar or cocktail station and use our syrups for gorgeous flavor options!

image of small Dublin glass with a large grapefruit garnish and surrounded by cream colored flowers

Jasmine simple syrup:

Jasmine syrup is sweet and some describe it as musky with a hint of vanilla. It's gorgeous paired with citrus in our jasmine greyhound cocktail.

cover image of butterfly pea syrup three glasses with flower icecubes with woman's hand with pink nails pouring bright blue butterfly pea syrup into glass

Butterfly pea simple syrup:

Learning how to make butterfly pea flower syrup will make your party pop! The bright colors of this drink adds instant flower magic on ice. The brewed tea mixed with sugar creates a sweet syrup that is perfect for color changing lemonade, cocktails, like our butterfly pea flower cocktail, or butterfly pea lemonade.

close up image of bottle filled with elderflower syrup with freshly picked elderflowers in a basket to the left of it in front of a grassy field

Elderflower simple syrup:

Learn how to make elderflower syrup and the best ways to use it. Elderflower syrup is a sweet, gorgeous floral flavoring that is perfect for baking, cocktails, lemonade, and so much more! Even if you're not a fan of floral flavors, you will love elderflower, like in elderflower lemonade.

overhead image of lavender honey simple syrup, cork bottle with fresh lavender flowers on a pink backdrop

Lavender honey simple syrup:

This honey lavender simple syrup is a sweet, slightly herbal and gorgeously floral flavoring that is perfect for lavender latte, iced coffee, cocktails, lemonade, and more! This lavender honey syrup recipe is particularly great for budding herbalists and new flower lovers, because it calls for dried lavender buds, which are easy to find at most health food stores. Enjoy it in Lavender Lemonade, a Lavender Honey Iced Latte or Lavender Hot Chocolate.

image of small bottle with pink rose syrup being poured into it in small funnel surrounded by roses on a vintage like background

Rose water syrup:

This rose water syrup takes the pressure off of finding organic, food safe roses by using rose water to create a delicious syrup that's perfect for anything! Enjoy it in our Rose Water Lemonade, Rose Gin and Tonic or pick your favorite from our list of 10 delicious rose water cocktails

four small bottles of vibrant red rose simple syrup

Rose simple syrup:

This rose simple syrup recipe will teach you how to make rose syrup from dried roses or fresh roses. Make this intoxicating fragrant rose simple syrup recipe to add a subtle floral flavor in all of your favourite things. Add it to a rose tea latterose coffeerose cocktail, or enhance any beverage with rose's vitamin C, abundant properties, and beautiful floral taste, or make small batches for a a sweet and simple gift

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