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  1. Hi there! How does it test? Thinking about making for a mushroom cake for a family party but will it make the cake taste like tea?

    1. You could leave the nettle out if desired, it just gives it a more realistic look! And I find it doesn't alter the taste whatsoever! So excited for your adorable mushroom cake! I'm sure it will be amazing! xox

  2. I love your recipie for edible moss. How long will the edible moss be good for? Does it freeze well?


    1. Thanks so much for this helpful question! I'm happy you asked. I've had a bag of this moss in my fridge for over a month, and just sprinkle it on anytime I have a need for moss, haha! I don't believe it would freeze well, but it stays fresh in a ziplock bag stored in the refrigerator for several weeks, xo!

    1. Great question! You can skip it entirely. But, if you want to use a green, leafy tea for aestetics, you can see if they enjoy lemon balm, and moringa has virtually no flavor which would work well instead!

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