The Best Gifts For A Kitchen Witch

Superstition, cooking, and food rituals have been intertwined since the beginning of time. Kitchen witches take pride in this title and find magic in every corner of their life. They find solace in the kitchen when combining the joys of food, nature and magic. They are always in need of new tools, ingredients and decor to help them with their craft. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a kitchen witch, look no further! Here are some of the best gifts for a kitchen witch.

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Sun and Moon Leather Journal

Vintage Journal is made of unique vintage paper which looks like it was pulled from history. You will love the old looking handmade cotton paper which is unique to our vintage journals. Perfect for your personal spells and cottagecore recipes.

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Coffee Scented Candles for Home Scented 10 Oz Large Size Jar Candle These adorable color potion bottles make the cutest decor on a mini kitchen shelf and add a pop of color to your space. I love to have them on hand to gift botanical syrups after a cocktail workshop.

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22 Natural Herbs for Spells with Magical Uses, Wiccan Supplies and Tools, Beginner Witchcraft Kit Magic Herbs

Organic herbs selected the best energy parts of each plant. After natural growing, harvesting, drying, and packaged carefully in the sealed bags, herbs will maximizing keep fresh and vibran, the magic energy is in the best condition..

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Harry Potter Honeydukes Sweets 10-Inch Ceramic Cookie Jar

One of the best parts of the Wizarding World isn't just magic, but the sweet assortment of candies and treats. Give your home kitchen an enchanting feel with this cookie jar inspired by Honeydukes Sweets.

Folkulture Incense Sticks - Set of 6 Insenses

The fragrances of these inscents sticks will emit magical vibes amidst a celestial environment. Its cleansing properties will create a wholesome vibe in your home.

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Jim’s Organic Coffee – Blend X AKA Witches Brew – Whole Bean, Very Dark Roast

This is the one for dark roast fanatics. Witches brew beans are bold, dark, deep - just like you!

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Ball Jar Rose Vintage Regular Mouth Pint Canning Jars, 4-Pack

Kitchen witches need a lot of jars. Rose-colored glass jars make beautiful vintage decor anywhere in the home—use them for kitchen decor, as spice jars, utensil holders, accessory storage, and more


Super Latte Bundle Superfood Mixes Made with powerful adaptogens, Ayurvedic herbs, and superfoods. Kitchen witches know the benefits of functional mushrooms, adaptogens and superfoods for natural energy, brain health and stress relief. Naturally dried ingredients to preserve all micronutrients. Sip into the moonlight!

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10 Tahitian Vanilla Beans Grade A+ - Fresh Vanilla Bean Pods Fresh vanilla bean for your homemade extracts, baking, potions and more.


Moon Swizzle Sticks for Drinks

Perfect for mixing drinks like lemonade, iced tea, ice coffee, milkshakes, and more. 


Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore & Fairy Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore & Fairy Tale is an exploration of the history and culture of food, folklore and magic and those skilled in healing and nourishing – herbalists, wise women, cooks, cunning folk and the name many of them would come to bear: witch.

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Handmade Magic Potion Mug. Hand-crafted and hand-decorated in England with high quality stoneware from Cornish clay. Perfect for sipping your herbal teas and herbal bone broth.

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Folkulture Kitchen Towels or Dish Towels Colorful and full of magic, sure to brighten up a witchy kitchen with functionality.

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Potion Stainless Steel Hip Flask Adorable potion flask for decor or tinctures!

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Tea Infuser Tea Strainer Moon Star Shaped  Fill with your loose leaf tea leaves and let steep in celestial style.


The Moon Cycle Cookbook: A Holistic Nutrition Guide for a Well-Balanced Menstrual Cycle

Suffering from cramps? Try adding more cacao to your diet. Mood swings? A sweet-potato brownie can help with that. A happy mix of creativity, self-empowerment, and downright deliciousness, this wellness guide demystifies menstrual health, educating readers about their unique needs and helping them to deepen their self-care regimen. A beautiful reference for kitchen witches deeply in tune with their bodies and cycles.

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