Cottagecore Gift Ideas

Need to know the best cottagecore gift ideas from amazon?

Cottagecore aesthetic embraces all things natural, rustic, and homey. As an edible flower loving, cottagecore aesthetic obsessed, baking blogger human myself, I am spilling the herbal tea on gifts your honey will love, because I would love them.

$20.00 and less

Honey Bee Decor Cavallini Poster $15.00 Transform your home’s wall space with this honey bee poster. With a trademark blend of classic designs and fresh color palettes, this honey wall art lets you make a statement wherever it’s displayed. Liven up your kitchen walls with this vintage aesthetic room decor, curate a gallery wall with other vintage plant posters and flower posters and prints, or display it to match yellow dorm room decor

Natural Beeswax Taper Candles $22.00 Natural Beeswax Candles: These beeswax candles are made of 100% natural beeswax and high quality cotton wick which does not contain lead or other metals, it can give you fresh unique natural aroma.

Herb Garden: $20.00

Fresh herbs are essential for any cottagecore kitchen, and these mini herb gardens are the perfect way to grow them indoors. Add herbs into all of your savory bakes and even sweets, like these Lemon rosemary shortbread bars. Choose from a variety of herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage to flavor their dishes all year long.

Bee and butterfly hotel: $16.00

Butterflies, bees and ladybugs can use this product as habitat, hatcheries or just as occasional shelter from rain. The brush makes it easy to clean up every corner of this butterfly house. The iron design on the top can protect the insect house from rainwater. Bees and butterfly can make your garden much more beautiful.

Bees wrap for storage: $14.00

Enjoy a vegan alternative to beeswax wraps: these 100% plant-based reusable food wraps are made from organic cotton, organic coconut oil, tree resin, and plant-based wax; which is perfect for storing leftover tea loafs and breads. Everyone and mama Earth will say thank you for this responsible and beautiful gift. Gift it along with our Homemade Lavender Vanilla Honey Lollipops.

Mushroom Toothpick Dispenser -$10.00

Functional, affordable, and absolutely adorable! This cute mushroom toothpick dispenser is made from walnut and beech wood, and comes with toothpicks for serving, but let’s be honest – we really just love it because it’s precious.

Flower Sugar Bowl $11.00

This adorable sugar bowl screams “grandma’s kitchen” gift it along with our homemade edible flower sugar cubes.

Cross Back Apron $19.00

No cottagecore kitchen is complete without a simple, pretty linen apron. Whether they prefer yellows or something muted like sage green, this gift will bring a smile to their face each time they bake.

Vintage taper candle holder $16.00

distressed bronze colored, the retro candle stick holder adds vintage touch to your space, fit traditional, gothic, farmhouse, rustic, midcentury and the like interior decor, or photoing prop

Wooden recipe box $20.00

Handcrafted Acacia wood heirloom box to store your beautiful cottagecore recipes and pass them on for years to come!

$50.00 and under

Allen’s Scottish Shortbread $30.00 An authentic Scottish heirloom recipe made in small batches, hand crafted with Harney and Sons teas.

Porcelain Butterfly & Dragonfly Teapot Trimmed In Gold: $34.00

This cute teapot is perfect for the cottagecore baker who loves tea time as much as they love baking time. Fill it with their favorite loose leaf tea and add a few honeycomb shaped cookies for a sweet treat.


Farmhouse Ceramic Berry Bowls $37.00

Set of four

Cottagecore baking often requires freshly picked berries, wash, store and display your fresh harvest in this decorative berry bowl!

Honeycomb pull apart cake pan $39.00

Honeycomb-inspired pan divides your dessert into perfectly portioned cake lets.

$100.00 and less

Book of Honey by Savannah Bee $56.00

No cottagecore recipe is complete without a drizzle of some quality infused honey. This gorgeous Honey Gift set comes with The Book Of Honey + Tupelo, Lavender, Wildflower, Black Sage, Saw Palmetto and Orange Blossom Honeys – 100% Pure and Natural.

Walter Drake Sunflower Canisters $55.00 These stylish Floral Fun makes storage simple and keeps your food fresh to ensure your ingredients retain their gorgeous flavor.

Blue Rose Polish Pottery 78.00 Make beautiful muffins in style with this blue rose muffin tin!

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