Beautiful spring charcuterie board

Tis the season to entertain with the perfect spring charcuterie board. Make your favorite botanical cocktail and whip up this stunning spring inspired cheese board for your Easter brunch, Mother’s Day celebration, or your garden happy hours.

In this post I’m sharing all of the delicious meats, cheeses, dried and fresh fruit or veggies that are popular choices for in this seasonal inspired charcuterie.

This is a traidtional savory charcuterie board. Truth be told I have never been fond of the dessert board trend. You know the ones you see this time of year mixed with chocolate eggs and peeps and such. I like classic charcuterie, one that’s well balanced with traditional sweets like jam or honey, + savory and salty flavors and with plenty of texture.

what is charcuterie?

Charcuterie (pronounced “shar – koo – tuh – ree”) originated in France as a display of cured meats. The term and dish later evolved to display an assortment of meat products, cheese, pickled foods, crackers, bread, dips, olives, dried and fresh fruit, and nuts. Charcuterie boards are notoriously arranged on beautiful boards (often a wooden board) and highlight a variety of different flavors and different shapes.

Charcuterie flavors often have the following:

  • Dried or cured meats
  • Hard and soft cheeses
  • Fresh fruit or dried
  • Fresh veggies
  • Spreads or dips, like jams in strawberry season or some artichoke spread in the winter.
  • Pickled foods (olives, pickles, cornichons, cocktail onions)
  • Bread, chips, crackers
  • Honey or raw honeycomb
  • Garnishes like fresh herbs or edible flowers

tips for a putting your spring cheese board together

Use small bowls or a small ramekin for “wet” foods like jam, honey, maple syrup, fermented foods, olives, and more. Keeping these specific items off of the actual board will prevent other items on your board from getting wet and keep it clean. This also helps “break up” the heights on the board keeping it interesting and visually appealing. In the spring, I love to use my favorite tea cups as my bowls and add a pop of color

different types of cheeses recommended for an epic spring charcuterie board:

Try a variety of hard cheese and soft cheese. Two that I definitely want to see on a spring charcuterie board are:

Goat cheese:

You can’t forget about this honey fried goat cheese. It’s absolutely perfect with some crusty bread and edible flowers.

Edible flower cheese:

Talk about perfect pairing for a spring board, edible flower cheese just makes sense.

fresh fruit

  • Strawberries
  • Meyer lemons
  • Grapes
  • Sweet cherry tomatoes

sweet flavors

In addition to fruit, you may also consider:

  • Rose petal jam
  • Flower infused honey
  • Honey comb

savory flavors

  • Cornichon pickles
  • Green olives
  • Apple cider vinegar dill pickles

salty flavors

  • Crackers
  • Cured meats
  • Smoked salmon
  • Prosciutto


Make it your own charcuterie board by serving it on mini individual charcuterie boards or a soft pretzel charcuterie board.

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