The Best Lavender Lemon Recipes

A match made in heaven! Here are our best recipes and inspiration for gorgeous lavender lemon drinks and baked goods. Our collection of lavender lemon recipes has grown so quickly that I needed to create a dedicated post for it! Pretty soon, it will need a new category.

Lavender Lemon in baked goods:

Lavender lemon shortbread

overhead image of 3 vintage tea saucer plates with rectangular shortbread cookies placed diagonally with dainty purple and yellow pansy flowers garnished on top with delicate dappled light coming in from the the corner

These perfectly crispy lavender lemon shortbread cookies have a light lavender flavor, are buttery with a crisp crumb and zesty lemon bite.

Lavender Lemon Honey Bars

straight shot of 3 lavender lemon shortbread cookie bars stacked on top of each other

Creamy Lavender Lemon Honey Bars are a soft yet sturdy lavender shortbread cookie with zesty honey lemon custard that is so simple to whip up. A true ode to spring, and bright and floral way to celebrate the season ahead.

Lavender Lemon Tart:

styled lemon curd shortbread tart with lemon slices and small dainty flowers

This lavender lemon tart is a lavender shortbread cookie with lemon curd will make your taste buds sing. Floral hints + zest lemon curd come together sweetly like a perfect spring day. It will be requested for the rest of your life if you make it for others. Trust me on this one.

Lavender Lemon Scones:

overhead image of scone with little pansy on top on a tea plate with roses

Bright, uplifting and infused with the freshest of all flavors – lemon lavender scones are the perfect addition to garden tea time during the sunny months. These scrumptious lavender lemon scones are moist and topped off sweet lemon icing, for a beautiful and balanced taste experience in every bite!

Lavender Lemon Rice Krispy Treats:

close up shot of perfectly rectangular rice krispy treat surrounded by pale pastel flower petals garnished with white chocolate honey comb and mini purple and yellow pansy flowers with wooden sticks in the center

Crispy, floral, zesty lavender lemon rice krispy treats will delight all of your senses. Super light with fluffy marshmallow and the crunch we all love, paired with lavender + lemon, I think we created the perfect spring treat.

Lavender Lemon Bundt Cake:

Wonderful, moist lavender lemon bundt cake is a sweet, dense, buttery soft, golden brown dream with zesty lemon icing and pretty fluted edges. It’ the the perfect way to welcome spring.

overhead image of green floral victorian serving dish with an ornate bundt cake drizzled with icing on top, with several floral rose dishes with slices of cake on top, and a bouquet of flowers on the left hand corner

Wonderful, moist lavender lemon bundt cake is a sweet, dense, buttery soft, golden brown dream with zesty lemon icing and pretty fluted edges. It’ the the perfect way to welcome spring.

Lavender Lemon Pound Cake:

close up cover image lavender lemon honey cake

This lavender lemon honey pound cake is a moist and delicious sweet loaf, perfect for afternoon tea or simply to celebrate the seasons of bloom. Delightfully rich with an irresistible pure organic honey glaze, which seamlessly plays into fresh flavor or lavender blooms and zesty lemon sprinkled through each bite. Sip it while you enjoy some lavender lemonade or a lavender latte.


Lavender Bees Knees:

close up cover image of lavender lemon bees knees gin cocktail

The name says it all! Lavender bee’s knees gin cocktail is a honey lavender lemon cocktail, and it’s the perfect, smooth way to get your buzzzzzz. Honey, lavender syrup, lemon juice and gin come together in this bright, tart, sweet spring and summer cocktail.

Lavender Gin + Tonic:

close up image of crystal glass filled with clear cocktail with a lavender sprig and lemon slice

This lavender lemon gin and tonic will be your new favorite summer cocktail. This recipe is a gorgeous refreshing highball classic gin cocktail that’s crisp, slightly floral, has pronounced citrus notes, and is incredibly well balanced between strong and sweet thanks to the lavender honey syrup.

Lavender Lemonade

close up pitcher of lemonade with a rustic background and rustic wooden table top, background has basket of fresh flowers

Sweet, fragrant and refreshing lavender lemonade will be your new favorite way to enjoy this classic spring and summer drink. Not only is it delicious, making your own from scratch is super simple and perfect for entertaining, or enjoying a soothing treat after tending to your garden.

Ice cream + curds:

Lavender Lemon Curd:

lavender lemon curd in a jar with pansy

Lavender lemon curd excites your taste buds while you get a smooth and creamy butter soft texture with hints of sour lemon, and sweet floral notes from the lavender sugar!

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